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In Depth Advantages Of Nuclear Energy


advantages of nuclear energy

I know I’ve talked about this before but I wanted to make some improvements to the previous post. And I thought I should make a new post instead of modifying the other one.

Now, like in every aspect of our life, there are positive aspects and negative aspects for everything. We should now concentrate on the advantages of nuclear energy and not on the disadvantages.

Nuclear energy has the lowest impact on the environment by far since it doesn’t release any kind of gases in the atmosphere like carbon dioxide or methane which are pretty much responsible for the greenhouse effect.

Also there is no adverse effect on water, land or any habitat due to the use of it.

High output of electricity

It is well-known that nuclear power plants are managing to produce a large quantity of electricity with minimum of resources. This is probably the main reason many countries have chosen to build a lot of nuclear reactors. The best example is France of course which produces 76% of its electricity with Nuclear Plants

Small fuel transportation volumes

We can say that one of big advantages of nuclear energy is the fact that you need to use just small fuel for greater results. Less fuel delivers more energy. Actually countries that already have many reactors save a lot of money with this method. It represents a significant save on raw materials but also in transport, handling and extraction of nuclear fuel. The cost of nuclear fuel which is usually uranium is about 20% of the cost of energy generated.

90% Capacity Factor

What this really means is that a nuclear plant produces energy in about 90% of annual time. It is not influenced by weather or any other natural aspects like renewable energy.

Great Alternative to Fossil Fuels

The world population is growing and we are using more and more fossil fuels. Producing energy from nuclear plants it has its benefits because we can use less fossil fuels. At this point fossil fuels are consumed faster than they are produced so using alternatives might be a good idea.

Lowers Greenhouse Gas Emissions

By using less fossil fuels we can also improve the air quality meaning the air will be cleaner.




advantages of nuclear energyThing is that most of us are living thinking that Nuclear Power Plants are evil, which is really far from the truth. We have to realize that most of the plants are built in the seventies and the eighties and those are a little problematic. But The ones build after the nineties are much safer and much more reliable.

Anyway, new technologies like the use of Thorium instead of Uranium is a large step forward. The major advantage of using thorium is that countries can outlaw the nuclear weapons faster and easier, whilst still allowing nuclear power.

ADS(Accelerator Driven System) Thorium reactors require a beam of protons to keep the nuclear reaction going. If the beam stops the nuclear reaction stops, so they can never suffer a run away melt down. In the event of a catastrophic earthquake,  the system can be stopped like switching off a light.

Unfortunately ADS Thorium reactors are only promoted by India at present and the Uranium industry perceives them as a hostile threat. Therefore the chances of Thorium ADS being adopted in western nations are rather slim. But one can never know.





Advantages of nuclear energy for improving your life

If advantages of nuclear energy are understood by people then everybody will start using nuclear energy rather than the other types of energy that they use in their day-to-day life. Nuclear energy is produced by splitting uranium atoms and the energy produced by few uranium atoms is very efficient that it can be used not only to produce energy but also in other sectors like medicine for example.

We all should understand the importance of energy that we use. A simple example about the energy that we use is electricity; electricity has become a scarce resource and hence, many countries have started promoting various ways of electricity production by way of giving incentives to people who produce their own electricity.

Advantages of nuclear energy

Advantages of nuclear energy

There are various sources of energy so why should one use nuclear energy over the other energy; it’s because of the advantages of nuclear energy over other available energy resources. The advantages of nuclear energy are as follows:

  1. It is clean – One of the most important advantages of nuclear energy is that it is clean. Nuclear energy is also termed as “emission free energy”. Bio-fuels is considered to be one of the safest source of energy but one of the major problems with this energy is the emission that happens while using it but that is not the case with nuclear energy. Nuclear energy doesn’t emit gases like carbon dioxide or nitrogen.
  2. You can reuse water – Apart from the advantages being the only energy that is environmentally safe, the water that is used in nuclear energy plants is free from radiation and hence, the water can be discharged into water resources.
  3. Reliability – One of the biggest advantages is the reliability because like other energy plants, the nuclear plants need not be shut down due to problems like weather or increase in the cost of fuel. The nuclear plants can work for 500-700 days before they are shut down for the purpose of refueling.
  4. Reduces dependency of fossil fuels – With the help of nuclear energy, the dependency on other resources like oil and gas can be reduced. The amount of energy, which is produced by using one ton of uranium is probably comparable with the energy produced by burning several million tons of coal.

Advantages of nuclear energy in various fields

Nuclear energy has touched many fields and hence, the advantages of nuclear energy are being utilized in many domains for us and in our lives. Few of the advantages of nuclear energy are as follows:

  1. Advantages of nuclear energy can be found in the field of modern medicine. Radiation therapy is widely used for treating cancer patients.
  2. Food processing industry is also a field of action for nuclear energy. Food industry today is giving a lot of importance to the quality of food and if nuclear energy is passed through the food then, harmful germs can be killed and the food becomes fit for the purpose of consumption.

There are many advantages of nuclear energy and these advantages have touched almost all the industries in our life. I am almost positive that nuclear energy has earned a place in our future but at the moment there are still some disadvantages which for sure will be fixed soon enough.